Washable & Reuseable Microfiber 3 Layer Cloth Diaper Nappy Inserts ~ 10 Pcs

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Microfiber nappy cloth diaper inserts. Looking for cloth diapers?

The highest quality nappies we've found yet! Most microfiber inserts are 100% polyester, and will become rough after a few washes. Our inserts are made with nylon and keep soft throughout the lifetime of use! Yes, we're excited about that. It's a big deal for cloth diaper using parents (o:.

These One Size nappies may be used from birth through the potty training stage by simply adjustable the leg elastic grows. 24-36 pieces nappies is the minimum number of inserts you will need.
All the pluses of these nappies:
  • Size: 36X14cm  0.5cm wider to avoid side leakage.
  • Weight: 45g/pc (+_3g)
  • Material: 70%Polyester 30%Nylon. Nylon is far more absorbent and much much softer.
  • Stays soft throughout lifetime of use.
  • Workmanship: These inserts as well as our cloth diapers are of the highest quality. They have been recently re-engineered to for stronger durability. The edges of many inserts can often come apart. These are extra strong, very thick, and super durable. Rest assured that the edges of these inserts will remain intact!