Tommy Bag - Insulated Convertible Diaper Bag

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Messenger style, waterproof. This bag includes a bonus 22x13 inch change pad for your convenience! This is a wonderful bag built for the tough life of a mommy. It also has stroller straps and TWO insulated pockets - a BIG plus! Keeps clean, and smoosh free. What is smoosh-free you ask? Think of all the stuff you carry, and what may already be in the trunk, back of the car or van? Eventually, other bags, perhaps larger bags, will be placed or thrown on top of this one, and it will stand up like you - STRONG!
Another note: This is a great bag to have with mommies of multiples. Lots and lots of room to handle more than one babe.
  • Item Height: 11.81inch
  • Size: 30cm
  • Item Length: 14.57inch
  • Item Width: 6.3inch
  • Item Weight: 900g
  • Baby Changing Mat: Free
  • Change Pad Size: 57cm x 34cm(22.44in x 13.39in)